As David Coulthard, an ex Red Bull and McLaren Formula 1 Driver once said: “Good teamwork can be the difference between triumph or catastrophe”.

And I agree 100%.

To have GOOD, and effective teamwork, we need a few things to be working parallel. They are:

1. Productive, focused team members with the right attitude
It should not just be the owner/manager or a few people carrying the load. Every person in your company should be there because they are contributing value, helping, and contributing more than their wage. Every person has a result they are achieving. They are productive and VALUABLE.

You need to know before you hire, how effective someone will be (Take our test drive to find out more)

2. Motivated, and on Purpose

How do you attract more motivated team members than those who only care about entitlement?

It starts with your JOB AD and how you FIRST communicate with candidates. This is crucial. The job ad is the cheapest, and fastest way to improve the quality of your hiring and build a high performance culture.

Did you know that you can fix the problem of hiring the wrong attitude by tweaking your job ad, and how you communicate in the hiring?

3. Your Management Style!

How do you correct your team? How do you reward the team?
How do you develop or promote them?
Do you challenge them?
Are you too soft in your approach or gullible?
Does your team walk over you, or do they respect you?

Most business owners and managers want to see the best in people and give everyone a chance. The reality is, everything in context, and giving a reward in the wrong context could be the recipe for disaster.

Knowing more about your team members and their personalities will also help you start them on the right foundation.

One mistake with handling someone at the start could take you months to rectify. Take our test drive and get more insight to this incredible tool for hiring and development of team members.

4. Results must be clearly defined, and measured!

Every team member needs to be focused on a key result, and contributing. There should not be any role in your organisation that does not have a valuable final product defined.

How can you know how well an area is performing if the key results are not identified and known?

Simply having company metrics from accounting and marketing systems is not sufficient either. You actually need every team member to have a very well, clearly defined end product that they need to achieve and have a number to which they can be accountable for.

Productive team members will absolutely love this sort of management style which will be the start of continuously promoting a high performance culture.

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We look forward to helping you discover this powerful and proven strategy for hiring and building a high performing team, so that everyone works together, towards the same purpose for the greatest results possible.

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