Have you ever experienced really needing to hire someone but just not getting enough candidates or the right candidates applying?

If yes, did you justify it with one of these thoughts?

  • It’s our industry.
  • It’s a candidate short market.
  • Too much competition.
  • I can’t pay enough.
  • Our job is too specialised.
  • No one has the qualifications.
  • No one shares our high standards.
  • “It’s hard to find good help”

My question to you in these situations is –

How serious are you about getting that person hired?
What’s the cost of not having that person hired?

Story of a Company struggling to hire

Some time ago one of our clients who is in the building and construction industry was having a very tough time hiring Project Managers.

They were going through a period of rapid expansion but were struggling to find good people who could handle the pressure and achieve the right results whilst building good relations with builders.

They needed multiple Project Managers…yesterday – sound similar?

They started on the same path as…

“my job ads are not giving enough candidates”

“there’s not enough good candidates out there”

“maybe we are being too fussy”..and so forth.

We had a meeting, looked at what they were doing, and more importantly in their situation, what they were NOT doing.

We set out a plan of actions and now the General Manager himself was hands on with implementing the steps. It was having major impact to the business not having these roles hired.

The Result

They hired TWO productive Project Managers, without dropping their hiring standards within two weeks of implementing the steps.

How did they do it?

Naturally there were a series of steps that had to be done, but the first and most important thing to change was their VIEWPOINT.

If you start on a course of action with the viewpoint that it’s too hard, it cannot be done..it’s the industry, everyone else is facing the same situation… you have already set yourself up for a fail.

So the first step is to switch from a “reactive” viewpoint to a “proactive” viewpoint. Looking at what can be done, what can be controlled. The moment you truly make this switch, flows will open up for you.

Naturally there are some more key steps to implement next.

Are you struggling to hire the right person?

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