Have you ever thought about the importance of your team members’ development?

Providing training seems to be obvious in an employer/employee relationship. However, we often see that business owners/directors do not promote enough training and education in their companies, or they see it more as a tool only for developing or correcting their team.

Commonly during the hiring process, we see that a lot of financial benefits are promoted through the job ad which interestingly can sometimes cause you to attract the wrong candidates. On the other hand, training and the right type of training can be an incredible benefit to promote for attracting the right people.

Especially in the current times when there may be a skills shortage in some industries, if you have the ability to train your team members and provide them certain skills in-house, you have a much better ability to attract candidates from a wider pool, and have a better chance of hiring more quickly.

Sometimes companies will miss great candidates because they do not want to spend time and effort in educating their team or educating someone to train the new members.

Training helps your team have more ways to handle different situations. Furthermore, to prepare your team in becoming more efficient and eventually reduce supervision.

Also, did you know that training is a reward?

Some companies see training only as a way to correct staff. However we know that training is a reward and the best thing you can offer your top producing team members is actually more training. Imagine if your highest performing team member increased their performance by even just 10% with the new training they received. How would this compare to a 10% improvement of a low producing team member?

When talent is fostered and nurtured, delegating responsibilities and boosting productivity seems to be much easier, especially while recruiting.


Think about training as a reward, who from your team should be rewarded with training?

If you are leading a team, you should be an expert on people and know their strengths. When you know your team’s strengths or weaknesses, you can develop them further and optimise your available resources, grow your clients and give service in abundance. Contact us now to find out how!

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