When we look at some common denominators that impact our team’s emotional state, mental bandwidth and wellbeing, it is usually related to these three areas:

1) There is something they cannot solve nor put their finger on.
2) They are pushing to achieve a result but it is not happening.
3) They are feeling lost or unaligned with the team.

Of course as a Manager you cannot solve everything for a person, nor should you be expected to. However, you do have a serious responsibility when it comes to the workplace culture you create – and it starts with you.

Most people spend the majority of their day, at work, therefore providing the right space and opportunities for teams to thrive is a very important responsibility for Managers.

Unfortunately, much of the time, the fun team activities and catch ups are not the real deep solution to the above challenges and there is something much more fundamental at play.

One key factor that impacts your team’s mental wellbeing starts with who you choose to be on your team.

Have you ever experienced having someone on the team that looked “helpful” but was actually sabotaging the operations and relationships?

These individuals exist in all sorts of teams from sports to business and they can destroy your culture if not handled.

They will make you doubt your goals, your success and if it goes long enough, you will lose your best people.

The challenge is, the average person won’t spot this easily on your team, and they will actually think that person is ON THEIR SIDE. This is what makes it so painful.

The other challenge with having these people on your team is that even when you do really spot what is going on, it is actually extremely difficult to get them out without some more financial and mental pain.

These people are absolutely toxic for your company and as a Manager or leader, it is your responsibility to make sure you protect your team, your company’s future and everyone’s wellbeing by never allowing these types of individuals to enter your company’s gates.

Over the years we have heard how our clients have described these types of characters; from ‘vampire personalities’ to ‘cultural terrorist’. Essentially they are suppressing your team members and your company. You cannot move forward as fast and fun as you possibly can with these people on board.

These individuals will also tend to cling on to your best producing team members because from their survival viewpoint, for them to survive, they have to weaken anyone else who does not make them look so good!

This is one of the MOST important responsibilities you have to protect the wellbeing of your team.

How you Choose your Team Members is CRUCIAL for the Safety, and high performance of your team.We will provide you the exact formula for moving the “curve” so you can build your team with more Highly Effective Doers and Performers!
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Of course there are two other important factors for improving the mental wellbeing of your team and we will cover these next time.

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