Having a high-performance culture doesn’t mean everything is always happy and rosy and everyone is giving high fives and dancing on tables. (For sure in the right moment all of that can happen!!)

I am sure if you have ever looked up videos of a high performing team like we did, what you will see is a video of people with their hands clasped together and jumping for joy.

See what we think is one of the greatest example of a high performance team, everyone is at their best performance, in the right seat. One wrong move can send disasters.

If you look at teams that have a high performance culture, you’ll typically find a team that is aligned, focused, motivated for ONE goal, one purpose. Sometimes they look frustrated, disappointed and quite often for the right people, that is actually passion you’re seeing. Passion for getting the right result and frustration when they don’t – it doesn’t mean they now become a pessimist. But it is OK to be frustrated and push, and be passionate and want results!

Every person on that team knows exactly where they fit in the picture. They know the result they need to achieve and how that contributes to the overall purpose.

Every team member is aware of their results, how much they are contributing. There are measurements in place, decisions are made based on facts, data, and everyone is driven to achieve the results of their roles – in every single part of the organisation.

An organisation that is not run by true data from the initial hiring and candidate selection through to future management of the team will struggle to hire the best people, and to retain top talent.

In order to have a high performance culture, the hiring needs to be right, but also the company policies and allowed “behaviours” need to be in alignment.

This has very much to do with your company’s values.

Once you know your company values and what is important to you, it is important to be able to relay this in your communication to candidates from the very first Job Ad. This in fact is how you develop your company’s branding in the market.

To build a high performance culture, it is crucial to have the right foundation in place, and then protect that foundation with how you hire for your team.

Your strategy for how you hire is the most important strategy to get right for growing businesses.

And now, is the perfect time to start discovering if and how you could take your hiring and team results to the next level.

We hope you are staying well and we are here to help you on your business and productive team journey.

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