One of the biggest challenges businesses are having is not enough of the right candidates and no effective way to know before they hire someone – the potential of that person to be productive versus potentially destructive.

When you consider the usual way that businesses do hirings, it is not unusual to expect challenges with regards to existing staff, low candidates, skills shortages, low productivity, high staff turnover and frustrating personalities.

How you attract and select people into your business are the two critical parts of your hiring strategy to get really working and this is the strategy that Performia has been partnering with businesses of all size to get really working across all of the organisation.

When facing a shortage of the right candidates, the first part to get really well identified is who is the right candidate, and ensuring you are focusing on the areas that really matter. There is a way to do this to ensure your ad-pointer is targeted towards more of the right people.

During the final months of the year, some of the most productive candidates are looking to secure the right role for the new year and businesses who stop advertising during this period are going to miss out on some of the best.


The job ad is actually the start of the screening process. “How are candidates attracted to your business?” How the ad is written will play a critical role in the rest of your hiring flow, and ultimately the business performance.


This is the very first quality control filter for the entire business. The Job ad when written properly, will filter out those that feel entitled, meaning they will be expensive, tough to manage and usually lower the productivity of the team, and instead attract those that want to be part of, and contribute to the purpose and the game of adding value.

From split testing, it has been learned that jobs that “sell the position” can attract 5 times more candidates, none or very few of which can actually add the required value, compared to challenge based ads that 80% or more of the candidates have the potential to add the value required and be considered for the next hiring step.

For positions where few candidates apply, making the job ad more challenging can actually increase application numbers. Why? Those that are not quite in the market, the more productive and loyal, will be more inclined to apply to an ‘honest’ ad, where the challenges are laid out and where they feel they will be respected for the production record, not for how they look, their resume and/or their political skills.

Performia has powerful technology on how to get your job ads filtering and is one of the smallest and cheapest changes that can make the largest difference to the productivity of your team.

If you are currently hiring or need to start hiring, schedule a time with Performia to discuss the most effective hiring strategy to help you hire the right person.

Thanks for reading and we look forward to helping you implement the most effective strategy for building productive, safe and stable teams.

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