Most likely you know about the Enron scandal in 2001 that led to the bankruptcy of the Enron Corporation and imprisonment of the former CEO, and more recently the Volkswagen Diesel scandal where it has been found that some of Volkswagen’s cars have been programmed to cheat emission tests. The damage? Potential of $100 million in health costs and estimated costs of $77 billion+.

What is the common denominator?

Every action starts with an idea. Every idea, starts with an individual. Who that individual is and what their intentions are has everything to do with the direction of the future and quality of those long-range decisions.

At every level in the organisation, the possibility of both direct and indirect financial damage exists.

The difference between a great Receptionist and a bad one; it is a difference of hundreds of thousands to millions.

The difference between a great and bad Project Manager; it’s the difference of your project running at 30% profit or blowing budget completely and losing 40% margin.

The difference between a top performing CEO and anything less than a top performing CEO – it is literally the difference in millions and billions, survival vs bankruptcy and success vs total destruction.

Watch a video here that discusses the million $ hiring decision.


Is your team made up of more helium, or more sand? Helium is what drives a person towards achieving their goals and higher results. More helium will make it much easier for everyone to achieve more results, with more ease.

Sand is what can hold someone back and impede their ability to achieve results. More sand than helium in a group of individuals will make it tougher for everyone to lift off the ground and could even cause your best staff to leave.

What is your group’s ratio of helium to sand?

I look forward to seeing you at the upcoming Performia training where we will discuss these topics in more detail and provide you the strategy for hiring productive and safe teams.

I hope you have a productive and rewarding weekend ahead!

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