Every year our global Performia team, executives from more than 24 countries come together for an international convention where we discuss new releases, successes and the incredible impact we are having on business growth, profitability and team productivity in our local regions.

One key topic we discuss is purpose, goals and viewpoint which is so crucial for every company especially those who want to be a leader in their field.

(Performia team photo in Amsterdam, with special Dutch socks!)

Differences in viewpoint, is more than ‘a half full or half empty glass’

A man once asked a worker in Egypt, what are you doing?
The worker said, I’m cutting a stone.

The man moved along and saw another worker. He asked him the same question; what are you doing? This worker said; I’m building a pyramid!!

I love this short story.

What is your team‘s viewpoint towards their role in your company? Do they know how they contribute and the role they play?

No matter which role your team member has, they have a role to play, a key result to achieve – otherwise they would not need to be there.

Getting this clearly defined, known and communicated is absolutely crucial for your long-term profitable success but most times, the value of this is completely underestimated and ignored in companies. Don’t make this mistake!

Your team is the sum of individuals in your business and you need every single person to be aligned and moving in the same, “one” direction to achieve speed in forward direction.

If you are committed to growth and becoming a leader in your field, you need to become very skilled and effective at hiring very effective, productive people at every level in your organisation.

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