I presented a webinar a few days ago on how to stabilise your company through your team.

The feedback from attendees was that they now felt more motivated with actions to implement now and in the future to enhance the results of their team and business. We can’t wait to invite you to our next webinar! You can now watch the recording here.

One of the topics was about HOW WE MAKE DECISIONS TODAY
The fact is that on any given day it is going to be difficult to make enough right decisions if you don’t have all the facts present.

But how do you get these facts?
Generally micromanagement is not appreciated in the workplace. People like to be trusted and Managers cannot make effective decisions without the needed data.

So today I would like to ask you:
Do you have a statistics reporting system?
Can you easily measure, track and graph individual performance, team results and key company statistics?
When it comes to making decisions, it is critical to have statistics.
Statistics is the collection of data and facts, and every company needs to have specific statistics for each part of the organisation.
Each of your team members need to know what  is the key result of their role, and then you should measure that, and keep track of how much is being produced. This will give you statistics.

If you are not satisfied with how you are tracking statistics or using your accounting system only and spreadsheets, make sure you check our product Statsbook which is helping companies get organised and get measures in place fast.

When you have statistics on results across the organisation, you will be able to pinpoint areas that need attention before it even becomes a problem. You’ll also know who is really contributing and who is pretending.

Without statistics that give you real and valuable data, you could rely a lot more on how people look and sound, how busy they look, how well they communicate, how early they start and how late they finish.

And this is where it can dangerous because just looking busy or communicating well or working long hours, doesn’t actually equate to RESULTS.

Also when you have real statistics, you can make decisions based on how your graphs are trending. You will know what area and who requires attention, an uplift or reward!!

To give you an example, let’s say you are measuring your sales. And some of the key contributors to that could be number of appointments. Now if you start noticing that the number of appointments are dropping when in the past they were higher, realise that very soon your sales will be impacted even if it hasn’t happened yet. So by having this data you can act now and put some steps in place. These are what we call indicator stats.

And one really interesting point is that, what gets measured, gets DONE.

So make sure you have a very effective system in place for gathering statistics and ensure you are measuring INDIVIDUAL, team and company statistics.

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