The market is so full of companies hiring right now; 65,467 ads were posted on SEEK alone in the last 14 days.

Most likely they’re your competitors.

Part of growing your business relies on the critical factor whether those really great candidates can find out about your hiring with ease, or not.

Here are some tips to improve your job ads’ reach.

1. Work out the right places where your desired candidates tend to be

There is Seek, Indeed, Newspapers, Facebook, LinkedIn…

Then you have to choose whether you will advertise the salary or not.

We always recommend to our clients to not make the salary visible.

This way, the right people will be interested in what the role/opportunity is about, not just what the pay and benefits will be.

2. Title your Ad right

Selecting the right title is so important. Make sure to put yourself in the shoes of the candidate you want to apply…

What would they search to find your Ad?

Use Seek search to find out whether your role’s title has the right keywords or not…

3. Improve your short description

Summarise the ad to hit the point without talking benefits, and add in the right keywords that the people you want to attract would search for.

If you do this right, you will have many good candidates applying.

4. Share the Job ad link in the right places

Find relevant spots including your and your team’s email signature to point direction to your job ad and find all the relevant places to share the link. By using the right links, your Ad will show up more often and for free. Get this wrong and you will end up with the rest of them at the bottom.

Hope you find these helpful!

We look forward to helping you continually build and maintain a productive and trustworthy team.

You can include Performia at any level in your hiring process, and for the best outcome use the system on all of your candidates. For more information on how you can incorporate Performia in your current hiring process, call Performia on 1800 603 023 or visit


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