You may often hear us talk about the team strategies we provide companies for building productive, safe, and fun to work with teams.

But..What do we really mean by “safe“?

Being safe is not just about hiring someone who doesn’t have or cause accidents or cause injury to others.

It’s also someone who is not going to be destructive to your organisation or to those around them. They don’t want to slow things down.

They want to keep things moving, and you don’t have to have your attention that this person is going to do something that’s going to make life tough for your business or for you in the future.

Disaster averted!

The candidate who was presented by a recruitment company to our client looked impressive. His interview and resume showed a track record of high achievement, growth and exceeding targets.

He presented well, appeared driven, even solution oriented, with good people skills. There was some indications in his personality profile that showed he can be smart and manipulate. We highlighted key areas to be checked and looked deep into his employment history.

Shortly after we completed the Performia Evaluation, we spotted gaps and things that did not make sense, results that seemed “good” from a distance but when you looked deeper, did not add up.

Credit to the recruitment company who was equally frustrated and next did further checking, realising that the candidate’s employment history was mostly made up of lies.

We were able to uncover these issues very quickly because of our interview technique that we teach internally and externally to our clients.

In your recruitment process, it is crucial to see the true person BEHIND the mask, and our Performance Hiring teaches you everything you need to know in order to attract, select, hire and build productive teams.

Our client worked out that we saved them at least $340,000 through 6 months of wages, lost opportunity costs and recruitment fees.

This is one of the many thousands of examples of how Performia is helping companies every day, to build more productive, safe, and fun teams.


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