There are instances when you will come across something your team member does that you are not very happy about.

It’s not that that this person is doing their job badly, but it’s those various “little things” that you perceive that are not according to your ideas. They do not fit with how the work should be done or how the approach should look.

For example : the owner of the company arrives for a planned visit and an important client meeting, and the assistant is in jeans; or the employee takes a much longer lunch break regularly, or delivers the task slightly after the deadline.

It’s nothing very serious, but the owner registered it and paid attention to it for a while. But the owner has no room to address these issues. Or often says to him/herself “these are not important things, we don’t need to solve them”.

Should we even point out small mistakes or non-compliance with the rules?

However, such small mistakes tend to increase and can turn into a big problem where the owner now has to deal with indiscipline, employee passivity or that the employee is not as efficient as they should be.

TIP 1: Solving and highlighting little things is much easier than solving much bigger problems. In this way, you can stop the decline of a person’s work ethic in time. 

TIP 2: Don’t forget to also mention positive things! Did your team member do something extra that he/she didn’t have to? Did they think it was “insignificant”? Does not matter! Show them that you noticed and appreciate their efforts!

Knowing how to hire the right people is the first step to building a high performing team, but next most important is how you “onboard”, manage, develop and retain your team.

We cover all of this during our Build Your Team training which is now delivered also online through our powerful platform for learning. If you would like to know more, schedule in for your free Performia Discovery to find out more!


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