In a time when candidate regret is on the rise and the costs of hiring the wrong person are increasing, businesses need to improve their strategy for how they screen candidates to stay competitive.

Strategies including offering higher salaries to attract candidates are ineffective and a sign of a poor (or no) screening process.

Important to note, that your screening starts with your advertising and continues through the rest of the selection and hiring process.

Your purpose in hiring should be to invest the smallest amount of resources necessary in order to find and hire the best new employees that fit the job, can be trained easily, add great value to your organisation, are easily managed or need no management and stay for a long period.

The first important step before hiring is to define the role requirements and expectations. It is important to have a clear vision of the type of person that can do the job.

The key areas are (in order of importance) – Performance, Personality, Motivation, Knowledge.

One of the first, most critical and transformational steps to take with every hiring, is to DEFINE THE PRODUCT (the final result) that should be produced in the position. (Even service-based jobs have an end result!)

The defined product should be MEASURABLE, otherwise you have not accurately defined the product and this will impact your hiring, the quality and the productivity level of the person you attract and hire.

At Performia we refer to this first step of hiring as the “Fact Finder” step.

The Fact Finder done well is the first major step step towards improving the quality of your hiring, and building a productive team.

This is the foundation for changing and greatly improving your hiring strategy for a better result, and Performia can train you on the process or implement it in your next hiring.

To get help with opening the flows with your hiring or your Job Ad, Start with your Performia Discovery.

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