Most companies understand the time, effort and cost associated with hiring, training and onboarding new team members.

Whilst hiring and developing your team is not cheap, not hiring or not developing your team is more expensive – and what is most expensive is hiring the wrong person and investing your time, energy, training and wages.

Two of the recent rising areas companies are focusing on improving further is the consistency and accountability among their team.

That is –

  • How do we hire team members who are consistent in performance?
  • How do we retain top talent before they become inconsistent?
  • How do we make sure the new hire can push through barriers and be accountable?

Can you discover the answer to these questions in your one or two or five hour interview process?

There are absolutely steps you can take to get more insight to the potential consistency of a person. This includes their employment trends, their history with past employers.

However, there is more to this and more areas that need to be checked to find out whether the candidate will perform in a consistent way, and what could be happening that will make them less consistent and more prone to making mistakes, being unreliable and less effective.

People are not perfect, but they can be amazing (when you partner with the right ones)

The better you understand your team members before they are hired, the more you can help them, challenge them (in the right way) and retain them.

It is far too costly to invest in staff, only to lose them when they have reached peak performance, stability and knowledge.

Get in touch with Performia and find out how you get the exact answer to these questions, to take your hiring and building of teams to a new level.

Your strategy for how you hire and build your team requires thoughtful consideration to ensure the best use of resources and strategies.

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