Have you ever been in a situation where you could not understand how someone you thought would be a great, became so wrong for your team? Or how someone you thought would struggle to make it happen, turned out to be your best team member?

People are complex! This brings us to knowing that how someone looks, what they say or don’t say has very little to do with what you will actually ‘get’ when you have hired that person and you need to know the real value of a person, BEFORE you hire.

Two things occur when you don’t have a system of finding out that critical “future” ROI  information about a person before you hire them.

1) Risking hiring people who; look great, sound great, you fall in love with at the interview but who are actually destructive. There is a term we refer to as the “Professional Candidate”; people who cannot produce results and add value but who also need to find a way to survive in our world, so they become professional at job interviews.

They know exactly what to say to look important, impress the recruiter and interviewer without any sign of past production – Performia can show you how to make sure these people NEVER take advantage of you and your team.

2) The second thing that occurs from traditional interview styles, is you can potentially lose really good people. These are people that might not present so well.

You might even ask them “do you like to work hard and are you willing to work long hours?” and they say no. Not what you were expecting, as it’s not the typical “supposed to” high PR answer candidates tend to give in first interviews (even when untrue).

But you know, this candidate is being honest – and the reason they don’t need to work hard or do long hours is because they are so efficient that they don’t need to!

Any hiring screening system you use, needs to be very effective at screening out potentially destructive people that will set you further from your purpose, as well as effectively screen IN people that might not know their own real worth but actually be extremely productive and positive team members to form your team with.

Every person you meet has a social mask and you see this at the interview.

Sometimes the mask wears off within a few months and other times, it stays on for many more years to come.


See the real person behind the mask through Performia’s evaluation that cuts through the social veneer. Sometimes it is quite the opposite to the outcome you were expecting.

As Performia International Founder Mårten Runow says, 

The game of hiring is based on a) completely avoiding those that could be suppressing your team and organisation, b) hire more Effective Doers and Performers to then see the entire curve move right, towards more production. This means not only new staff will do better but when key managers are real Performers, they will help all staff be more productive and by training turn many Doers into Performers.”

I hope this has been of value and I look forward to any feedback.

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