You‘re busy, working hard, and you know that to keep on this path you‘re going to need to grow your team.

You know that with that right support you‘ll get more freedom to do the things you love and are good at, and taking the business from strength to strength.

But you also know hiring people is risky and the wrong person could undo all your hard work.

So how do you get it right?

Hiring can take from a week to four months. But BEFORE you post your job ad, you need to really look at who you need and what needs to be produced in that position. Not getting this worked out clearly will cause your ad to become vague, attract the wrong candidates and your hiring process will take twice as long.

Give yourself time to do this proper fact finding session.

It’s the most crucial step of your entire hiring process, and will only work if you do it properly.

Most times when a hiring process is not going well and you are not finding the right person, it comes to one of these issues.

Six reasons why you‘re not finding the right people
  • reactive viewpoint and accepting there is a “candidate short market”
  • a lack of a clear hiring strategy
  • poorly written Job Ads that talk about benefits and high salary
  • vague idea of who the company needs
  • not enough promotion of the role
  • unrealistic and unnecessary requirements in the criteria

All the above is part of your hiring strategy and you need to allocate time to get this step right. Taking shortcuts here will cause your hiring to take twice as long.

and solutions?

Be Proactive!

There is someone out there who CAN do the role. For some reason you have either given up or you need to review the whole hiring strategy for WHO it is you really need and what angles you can approach the role from.

The key is, don’t give up and don’t accept the viewpoint that no one is out there. With this viewpoint, you will set yourself up for failure and you‘ll stop looking for solutions.

If you need to have someone start in January or February, NOW is the time to start planning the strategy and implementing!

Your campaign should be launching in Week 2 of December at the latest. Your strategic planning for the hiring needs to be a week before that.

During the Christmas & New year holiday period, for sure people will be taking it easy, but there will be some of the best people on the market looking for jobs to start the new year fresh – and if you‘re not seen on the market, then you will absolutely miss out on some great talent.

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