It’s that time of the year again! There’s about two weeks left before many businesses close off the year for the holiday season.

A common question we get is, should I start hiring now or wait till next year, since I won’t start the new person till next year.

There are a few things to think about to help you answer this question.

1) When do you want the right person to start?

If in the first quarter of 2022, then the answer is now! Because starting a hiring is not just a matter of posting a job ad. There is some preparation that should be done.

We always recommend starting with a position fact finding session so you can layout all the important facts of the role (ask us about this if you’re not sure). This is a vital step that is often overlooked.

Then, the hiring strategy and ads should be created. This can take effort to prepare so it is best not to leave it to the last minute.

Once you have all of this ready, then you are ready to launch your Ads!

2) Candidates need to give notice; on average this can be four weeks for many roles.

Even if you have found the right person, it doesn’t mean they can start right away. It is important that you plan for this.

3) Do you want just a person, or the right person?

It could take time to find the right person and this also depends on your requirements, and your definition of who the right person is. The more of a high performer you are looking for, the fussier you will need to be in your screening process, which would also mean you need to be promoting your position much more to attract more of the right candidates.

4) Some candidates will be looking over the Christmas/Holiday period.

We recommend having ads running over this period to minimally capture the right people who are looking for their ideal role to start fresh from next year.

If your role is not out there, then you will miss out!

Do you need some help with some of the above points? We’re happy to speak with you about this so you can make the decision that’s right for your team.

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