Recruiting and retaining the right team members is often the most challenging – and expensive – undertakings for small businesses.

While a great hire moves your business forward, the price of a bad hire can go far beyond the initial recruitment cost. According to research at least a quarter of small businesses have been hindered by a bad hire.

But for small business owners who don’t have the luxury of dedicated hiring teams or recruitment resources, discerning a great hire from a poor one can often be challenging.

The hallmark of a great hire is someone that delivers the expected result without the need for external pressure or orders.

So how do small businesses sort out the top talent from the not-so-great candidates and the downright bad hires.

Here are three mistakes to avoid:

  • Mistake 1: Offering the wrong kinds of benefits
  • Mistake 2: Writing a generic ‘catch all’ job ad
  • Mistake 3: Not properly checking references

As you can see, a major part of your retention comes down to how you conduct your hiring, and how you promoted the role in the first place which also promotes your culture.

Our purpose at Performia is to provide you the necessary team strategies, mentoring and tools so you can bring your hiring in-house and build a productive, safe and fun team.

Find out more by scheduling your Performia Discovery and learn about the journey to a more productive team and business today.

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