Have you ever been in a situation where you’ve tried every possible way to get quality staff; you advertised on all possible job portals, collaborated with schools, actively used social networks, for a long time without a proper result of having a new team member successfully onboarded and staying?

This is a situation that demotivates most people who want to be productive at work and want to create something valuable.

However, the problem does not have to be in the recruitment itself or in the person leading the selection procedure, but rather within the company.

If this situation has ever happened to you, or is happening right now, check the following points to see if you are spending unnecessary energy on a recruitment that is already doomed to failure.

What can it be?
We have three possible reasons for you.

1. Do you have someone in the team with their foot on the brake?

I mean a person who may seem very active and proactive, but doesn’t really do a good job. In front of the management, he pretends to be the hard worker of the century, but behind their back he slanders the company. He is a person who specialises in spreading bad news, exaggerating problems and twisting good news for the worse.

This person under a nice and friendly mask actively works to create a negative atmosphere in the company. This troublemaker or “brake” likes to take your newcomers under his wing and explains to them how things (doesn’t) work with you as the Manager and discourages them from cooperating with you. As a result, perhaps promising skilled people are leaving on probation, and the “brakes” are amplifying their role as the last loyal member of your team.

2. The head of the department is permanently overloaded 

The manager you are looking to support with a new hire, does not have time for the existing people, let alone to train a new employee. Due to this busy schedule, he does not even have time to devote himself to the selection procedure and to be interested in its process.

Thanks to this, interviews with candidates can be postponed or the recruitment is somehow stalling. In practice, it looks like you start an action (e.g. the publication of an advertisement), but no one cares about its progress. It’s like running cruise control and expecting the car to take you to your destination without having to keep calling or braking.

3. There is a negative atmosphere among employees

People have been dissatisfied for a long time, everyone focuses on themselves and not interested in others, or there is even a fear in the company of saying or doing anything.

It is good to realise that if employees are frustrated from work and do not like to go there, this feeling certainly does not just remain in the space of your company.

Staff tend to talk to family or friends about this. And believe me, this information is then spreading like an avalanche to the general public. This can then result in a bad name for the company and discourage many candidates from applying at all.

While reading these points, you may have come up with several others that may hinder your recruitment process.

There are definitely many more. However, from our experience at Performia globally, the above points are the most common.

If you need help with any of these points, do not hesitate to contact us, we are here for you. Our goal is for you to be successful in recruiting and building a high performing, and stable team.

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