"This system helps me to see who is productive and who is pretending right from the start … without knowing this system, I figured that it had cost me about $2M in the last few years in real income. The best thing you can do is to check it out yourself."


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Building a Productive Team

The most important guide you need in hiring and building teams

The Essential Guide to Performance Hiring reviews traditional hiring methods, typical mistakes and pitfalls you need to know to avoid, and will introduce you to a hiring strategy that will open up your business to more affordable way to build your team by attracting and hiring productive candidates.


Performia was founded in 2001 and is presently operating in more than 29 countries and 40 languages. Internationally Performia systems have been used in more than 7000 companies with more than 5000 trainings delivered. 
Performia was founded with the purpose to help business owners and executives get much more workable systems and applicable knowledge in the area of hiring. Most businesses have experienced the unfortunate pain and cost of hiring people who looked or felt great during the selection process and later turned out to be unproductive and in some cases even destructive to the business or team. 
It can often be hard and very expensive not to see how an unknown person actually will fit the crew and perform on a job. However, you can find this out before you make the final decision, saving you time, money and maybe also some sleepless nights. 
Performia's globally proven process is powered by a step by step approach that makes it more simple, and possible for businesses to feel confident in making hiring decisions, avoiding low potential individuals, possible hiring disasters and improving their hiring process to attract more candidates who are productive and easy to work with.​ 
Performia helps you differentiate between productive and potentially destructive people - before it's too late and this helps your team get more stable, safe and productive! 
No matter the stage of team size or business growth stage you are at today, Performia can show you the path to the next level of productivity and effectiveness.


Over 2 Million Tested

Since its inception in 2001 Performia has evaluated over 2 million candidates. This has proven a unique collection of information that we use to accurate predicted human behaviour in the workplace.


29 Countries Worldwide

Performia’s unique cloud base talent evaluation system knows no boundaries. The system now caters for 51 languages in more than 29 countries including Japan and China.


Talent Management

Performia’s talent evaluation system is not just for finding new staff, but is a priceless tool for effectively managing your current team. Take a free test drive today to find out more.