By: al | October 15, 2013

At Performia we are helping more and more business owners and executives discover the key to effective hiring.

It feels very rewarding to empower people and give them confidence to decide with CERTAINTY, because of the Performia tools to know who should be hired, or avoided, and how the right person should be managed to help them achieve even greater production.

I have also come to realise that the biggest curse a person can have is uncertainty, the inability to decide. In a business this can lead to instability in a team, and even spread through the entire organisation.

It can start with the hiring process, and the decisions made, good or bad, stay with the organisation for the long term and directly impact the company’s results.

The Performia Candidate Evaluation Report is an accurate and vital way to determine the calibre of the candidate you’re going to engage, long before you hire them and invest your time, and money in wages.

Knowing the ratio of “Helium,” production potential, versus “Sand,” baggage that weighs own and lowers an individual’s performance potential, in your candidate will determine the return of investment you will receive, all within a few hours; a system where you can separate fact from guesswork.

It is the gateway to your organisations success and growth.

If you have not yet taken your free test drive to see for yourself how accurate and valuable this system can be for your organisation, then I invite you to try it NOW.

Here is the opportunity to stop using your organisation as a testing ground for new staff, and know that you are making the right choice for your organisations prosperity.

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