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With only a few more weeks to go to the end of 2012, the pressure is on to complete as much as possible before some of us break away for a rewarding holiday, whilst others continue to work hard and kick more goals.

One of these pressures is regarding your hiring for the new year and the best time to start looking. I know of clients who are actively hiring now to ensure they’re well prepared for the mid January start whilst others who are considering waiting until the new year to resume their hiring.

The challenge this creates is leaving sufficient time to hire the right team member from a thorough selection process, not desperation, whilst also ensuring you have access to a wide selection of candidates.

One question to ask yourself is how long would it take for you to have an established and productive team member ready to start?

The process for a successful hiring includes:
- Research & thorough fact finding for the role, ( 2 days)
- Creation of Ads and advertising, ( 3 days and ongoing )
- Screening (Pre-assessment) of all candidates, ( 7 days and ongoing )
- Shortlisting candidates and final interviews, ( 2 days and ongoing )
- Reference Checks, ( 1 day and ongoing )
- Employment offer and candidate starting, ( 2 – 30 days )

All of this can take anywhere from a week to 30 days from the initial start through to hiring the right person and the success and length of the process relies heavily on your process, speed and efficiency, as well as the position you’re hiring for.

When are candidates looking?
We’ve also found that there are high calibre candidates looking for their next project, challenge, or stable opportunity at this time of the year. For reasons including:

- End of contract or project,
- Well organised departure plans ready for fresh start in the new year.

Candidates looking include those who prefer to complete their employment in an ethical way that leaves their current company in a good situation and creates a smooth transition for the next person, whilst allowing them to start in a fresh new role with your company. These are the candidates you want to have access to before they take on other opportunities.

Productive candidates do not stay on the market for long, if at all. You need to have the system to identify these candidates amongst your list of resumes and screen IN the productive and fit to the role, and screen OUT those who do not fit. Performia has the system to help you with exactly this.

This makes it important for your recruitment division to always have your ‘feelers’ out, regardless of when ‘exactly’ you need the person to start, as you can work out the starting time with the right person, but do not compromise on quality as it’s better to have no one, than the wrong person.

Check out this great video at and see how Performia can help you screen IN the right, and screen OUT the wrong candidates.

If you are currently hiring or ready to start this process now, call Liam on 03 9001 0267 to discover our Christmas special and gift to you.

As always I value your feedback and look forward to sharing your success that will follow.

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